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City Progresses to Hold Multi-unit Property Owners Accountable for Resident, Neighborhood Safety

(September 14, 2018) -- The City of San Bernardino is continuing work to ensure property owners of multi-unit complexes create a safe and crime-free environment for residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

This week, the City is taking steps to prioritize enforcement at those multi-family properties that generate the highest number of calls for law enforcement service and which have the most code violations. The high priority enforcement properties are generally located in two areas that include Golden Ave. to the east, Del Rosa Ave. to the west, Lynwood to the north, and Date Street to the south; and north of 40th Street. The complexes in this area have collectively amassed 1,924 calls for police service in the past year alone. Also of concern is the more than 888 code enforcement cases processed in the last nine years, each one of those cases involving multiple units. Crimes at these complexes include gang and drug activity, as well as a number of other issues associated with violent crime. 

“The residents and property owners must begin to work hand-in-hand with the City to cure these problems,” said City Manager Andrea Miller. “Making multi-unit properties safe and crime-free boils down to two main things: 1) the landlord is screening future tenants correctly, and 2) proper safety and security measures are in place by the property owner to ensure criminal activity doesn’t exist.”

The City intends to begin issuing cease and desist letters and pursuing compliance through various enforcement tools, including drug and criminal abatement statutes and even resorting to petitions for the appointment of receivers to properly manage properties safely when owners either cannot or refuse to do so.

The key to the success of this effort is that it is sustained for the long-term so that real, positive change is accomplished. To that end, a new, crime-free housing ordinance will be introduced at the October City Council meeting.

San Bernardino residents will continue to receive regular updates with the City’s progress toward making property owners accountable for the safety within their complexes and their neighborhoods. Updates will be shared via the City’s Facebook page and website.





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